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1. Current version of Neon

The current supported version for both mainnet and testnet.


2. Offline node

If your validator node is down for more than 3 days, then it will become offline (i.e., pruned from the network). For offline node, you can un-delegate and wait for 7 days to withdraw (bonding time). After that, you can transfer fund to a new wallet and make a new validator. Note that, if un-delegating a locked stake or locked delegation before the locked period is expired, it will incur a penalty.

3. Trouble shooting: Syncing error

Run the following command:
./galaxy fixdirty

4. Increase open files limit

You can check your current limit value on Linux with the command ulimit -n. The default value of 1024 is not enough for the Pebble to operate.
You can adjust the value to the recommended 500.000 open files limit in /etc/security/limits.conf configuration file, limit type nofile.